We work on identity projects and collaborate with you to turn your narrative into a visual system and apply it across necessary touch-points together. As part sparring partner and part spark plug, we assist in launching your new visual identity to your audience.

We aim to create work that looks good and feels good without compromising your message. As supporters of the arts, we like involving illustrators, photographers, writers, and musicians in projects when necessary.

Our Process

stage one

Through initial discussions and analysis of local and national competition, we provide context, make informed decisions, and avoid mass and superficial solutions to present you with design directions. We choose and refine one with your feedback and our expertise.

stage two

Once the visual identity is established and Stage One is complete, we can help you actualize the system through real-life applications. This may include: Art Direction, Collateral, Apparel, Signage, Packaging, Web Design, Production Management and more.


Once you've launched your new designs out in to the world, we provide ongoing design support and more depending on your needs as you grow.